Effects reel breakdown

Shot 1: The shot of Thrax is from "Osmosis Jones". Dean Wellins had originally done a rough version of this shot and was discussing it with Michel Gagne' about the effects part of the scene. True to Michel he asked Dean if he could have a crack at the entire piece and Dean said sure. Michel was the animator and I did all of the assistant animation and we spent somewhere around 8 weeks on this one scene if I remember. I remember the scene being around 800 and some frames and I think we had around 15 levels. It was all on ones so multiply 800 times 15 and as you can see there was a lot of pencil mileage on this shot. We the character as well as the effects.

Shot 2: These ocean waves are from "Iron Giant". Michel and I animated these. I swear that man can animate anything and everything and to this day I thank him for all he taught me.

Shot 3: Michel and I animated this entire sequence for "Iron Giant". I think in all we spent around 3 or 4 months working on this. Michel was ripping through this stuff a good pace as he always does. He let me animate lots of the water and that was a real pleasure, I also assisted on everything as well. The shot where the tidal wave is rising up was actually the first shot I did when I came on board. Michel had keyed it out and then I assisted it. I thought it was done then he brought the shot to my desk and asked me to animate more foaming splashing on top of his work. I took to the task but was nervous because face it I was animating on top of his beautiful work. I showed him what I had done and he said it looked as good as his and I let out a huge sigh.

Shot 4: This shot is from "Osmosis Jones". When this shot was shown in the antimatic Michel told me he wondered who was going to get that insane shot. Low and behold Michel got it. I assisted on the entire shot and Michel had me animate the splashes throughout the shot.

Shot5: Most of this shot was done during pre production. Michel was brought on at the start of the film to do design work and asked for me to come aboard and to help out. We did all these crazy germ concept walk cycle stuff. Later in production Michel asked Warners if he could do the opening and they agreed and all of our earlier work was used. The entire title piece was created by Michel, he directed it as well. I was thrilled to help him out. He let me animated some parts as well. Everything you see as always is on 1's.

Shot 6: I will write about this at a later date.