3d Reel breakdown

Shot 1 All of these shots were done for "Metal Gear Solid 4".  The work was done at Logan Media down in Venice Beach (still not sure how they got my name).  I was responsible for the rigging and animation of all the characters.  All the debris was hand animated by myself and the blood was added in later by someone else. 

Shot 2 The next group of shots are from the feature film "Speed Racer" over at CafeFX.  I had a great time there and worked with a small team of animators.  I wish I had some of the playblasts from my earlier tests because I personally think they are better.  In the end though the directors wanted everything toned way down.  The final shot of Speed's car flipping over I did about 65 times.  The reason being is that they weren't real sure what they looking for so they kept asking for changes until they think they saw it.  I was very glad when that shot was approved.

Shot 3 This shot was from the Nickelodeon show "Tak and the Power of Juju".  This animation was done at a small animation house called Red Eye Filmworks.  It was a very small place but I had a blast there.  We only had a day or two to animate each shot to finish so I am happy with how most of my shots turned out for such short time limits.  I did the layout, camera and animation on all my shots.  I ended doing close to 30 shots in all for this one show.

Shot 4 I got a call to work on a commercial for the Transformers DVD commercial that would play during a FOX NFL game.  I had three shots to do in a week (they didnt have much time to do the commercial).  I was pretty happy with what I pulled off within a weeks time.

Shot 5  These series of shots were done at Buck that does a lot of commercial work for some pretty big clients.  This was a short film for the 2010 Winter Olympics to introduce the mascots.  Even though it looks like flash animation it was all done in Maya.  I really enjoyed working in this style and I loved the simplicity of it all.  I was responsible for all the animations in these shots.